Bubble Help

Venue Communications, Inc. can install bubble help in html to your web site. A variety of different software is available in open source or commercial scripts. We can also custom build a unique bubble help system just for your site.

Bubble help is a system of offering your web site viewers instant help in finding what they are looking. It's great for answering questions your site traffic may often ask you. This link is an example of how it can be used. As you can see, the bubble only appears where we tell it to appear.

Offering your site's visitors instant answers to commonly asked questions can be a great time saver. Your visitors will really appreciate it as well.

Bubbles can also be used for advertisements. For example, you may want to offer some suggestive advertising by stating that this product also looks great with this product.

Sample ImageBubble help can also be added to text, graphics and other elements as illustrated in this text and in the image to the left.


There are unlimited uses as you can see. Contact us today about installing a custom bubble help solution on your web site.