iPhone IMAP Email Hosting

With IMAP the email on your iPhone stays in sync with email on your computer and other devices.

Our IMAP hosting service keeps iPhone email in sync with other devices. Move over your current domain name or set up a new domain name. $4.95/month includes 2GB of disk space, an unlimited number of email accounts, and a control panel where you can administer your own account. Additional disk space is available for a nominal fee. We use it! Contact us for advice, we are glad to help.


In addition we offer webmail access which allows you to view the email server in a mobile browser, edit spam settings, change passwords, edit filters, etc.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is included with IMAP hosting. Server side spam and virus protection is also included. With IMAP technology, your mailbox activity is synchronized across all devices you use to access your email.