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Website Management for Small Business - Venue Communications
design1 page
Web Site Design Services
express1 page
Affordable Custom Web Design
website-redesign1 page
Website Redesign
content-management-system1 page
Content Management System
mobile1 page
Mobile-Friendly Web Design
wordpress1 page
WordPress Sites
self_build1 page
How To Get Started
mobile-design-examples1 page
Mobile Design Examples
industries1 page
Website Templates by Industry
agriculture1 page
Agriculture Web Design
architecture1 page
Architecture Web Design
art-and-photography1 page
Art & Photography Design
autos1 page
Auto and Truck Web Design
beauty-salon1 page
Web Design Beauty Salon
cinema-grill1 page
Cinema Grill and Entertainment Venue Designs
e-commerce1 page
E-Commerce Web Design
education1 page
Educational Web Design
fashion1 page
Fashion Web Design
food_drink1 page
Food & Drink Web Design
hotel1 page
Hotel Web Design
insurance1 page
Insurance Agent Web Design
interior-designers1 page
Interior Designer Web Design
law1 page
Law Web Design
media1 page
Media Web Design
music1 page
Music Web Design
non-profit1 page
Non Profit Web Design
pets1 page
Pet and Animal Web Design
real-estate1 page
Real Estate Agent Web Design
religion1 page
Religious Web Design
restaurant1 page
Restaurant Web Design
technology1 page
Technology Web Design
travel1 page
Travel Web Design
social1 page
Social Networking
facebook1 page
Add Facebook to Web Site
twitter1 page
Add Twitter to Web Site
weather1 page
Custom Weather For Website Ads Free
detailed1 page
Detailed Weather Conditions
ecommerce1 page
Ecommerce Solutions
fraud_protection1 page
Ecommerce Credit Card Processing
merchant1 page
Live Credit Card Processing
froogle1 page
Product Data Feed
seasonal1 page
Seasonal Web Design Special Effects
winter1 page
Winter Special Effects
halloween1 page
Halloween Web Design Special Effects
maintenance1 page
Web Site Maintenance
database-development1 page
Database Development
custom-photo-gallery1 page
Custom Photo Gallery
video1 page
Video for Websites
logo1 page
Custom Logo Design
dynamic-site-search1 page
Dynamic Site Search
live-chat1 page
Live Chat - Instant Message
cities1 page
Meet Us In Person
Charlotte1 page
Charlotte Web Design
Clayton1 page
Clayton Web Design
Cleveland_Area_NC1 page
Cleveland School Road Web Design
Garner1 page
Garner Web Design
Greensboro1 page
Greensboro Web Design
Myrtle_Beach1 page
Myrtle Beach Web Design
Raleigh1 page
Raleigh Web Design
Shreveport1 page
Shreveport Web Design
Wilmington1 page
Wilmington NC Web Design
hosting1 page
Custom Web Site Hosting
web-site-hosting1 page
Web Site Hosting
free_updates1 page
Free Site Updates
caldav_server1 page
CalDAV Calendar Hosting
WebDAV_Calendar1 page
WebDAV Calendar Hosting
business-email-hosting1 page
Business Email Hosting
caldav-server-bulk-rates1 page
CalDAV Calendar Hosting Bulk Rates
WebDAV-Calendar-Bulk-Rates1 page
WebDAV Calendar Bulk Rates
domains1 page
Domain Names
about1 page
Register Domain Names
parking_page1 page
Custom Parking Page
marketing1 page
Web Site Marketing Services
email1 page
Email Marketing Tools
heat-maps1 page
Email Tracking Heat Maps
click-tracking1 page
Email Newsletter Click Tracking
newsletter_pricing1 page
Email Newsletter Distribution Pricing
opt-in-lists1 page
Opt-In Mailing Lists
email_marketing2 pages
Email Marketing Tools
seo1 page
Search Engine Marketing Services
build_it1 page
If you build it will they come?
sitemap1 page
Sitemap Generator
google-review-link-generator1 page
Google Review Link Generator
optimization1 page
Search Engine Marketing Services
greeting-cards1 page
Corporate Greeting Cards
other1 page
Web Site Development Resources
resources1 page
Web Site Development Resources
support1 page
Customer Support
gift_certificate2 pages
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
mv9 pages
My Venue - Desktop
My Venue - Support Request
My Venue - Edit Contact Information
My Venue - WebDAV Calendar Hosting Sign Up
My Venue - WebDAV Calendar Hosting Free Test
My Venue
My Venue
My Venue - Reset Password
Sams Whois Lookup
emt3 pages
Venue Test List Public Name II
Venue Test List Public Name II
Venue Test List Public Name II
news8 pages
Venue Communications Blog
Venue Communications Blog - Page 2
Venue Communications Blog - Page 3
Venue Communications Blog - Page 4
Venue Communications Blog - Page 5
Venue Communications Blog - Page 6
Venue Communications Blog - Page 7
Venue Communications Blog - Page 8
announcements4 pages
Announcements - Page 2
Announcements - Page 3
Announcements - Page 4
redesigned-suffolk-beauty-academy1 page
Redesigned Suffolk Beauty Academy
welcome-easyvote-solutions1 page
Welcome EasyVote Solutions
redesigned-our-site1 page
Redesigned Our Site
redesigned-legaltypist-site1 page
Redesigned LegalTypist Site
venue-launches-arkansas-college-barbering-site1 page
Venue Launches Arkansas College of Barbering Site
welcome-to-our-newest-client-new-york-citys-enz1 page
Welcome to our newest client, New York City's ENZ'
impulse-launches-new-site-for-wilmington-animal-fitness-rehabili1 page
Impulse launches new site for Wilmington Animal Fitness & Rehabilitation Center
venue-launches-eplanz-publishing-site1 page
Venue Launches E-Planz Publishing Site
venue-launches-wolfe-specialty-real-estate-site1 page
Venue Launches Wolfe Specialty Real Estate Site
venue-managing-moving-ventures-site1 page
Venue Managing Moving Ventures' Site
independence-hummer-selects-venue1 page
Independence Hummer Selects Venue
dedicated-social-networking-web-site1 page
Dedicated Social Networking Web Site
new-design-for-venue-communications1 page
New design for Venue Communications
venue-acquires-impulse-web-solutions1 page
Venue Acquires Impulse Web Solutions
redesigned-site1 page
Redesigned Site
venue-launches-daniel-w-evans-site1 page
Venue Launches Daniel W. Evans Site
venue-launches-northwest-accessory-distributors-site1 page
Venue Launches Northwest Accessory Distributors Site
venue-launches-redesigned-site-for-collins-law-firm1 page
Venue Launches Redesigned Site for Collins Law Firm
venue-launches-coastal-wedding-directory1 page
Venue Launches Coastal Wedding Directory
impulse-launches-dillonforsherifforg1 page
Impulse Launches
venue-launches-redesigned-raleighwood1 page
Venue Launches Redesigned Raleighwood
traveling-dog-site1 page
A Traveling Dog Site
restructuring-design-department1 page
Restructuring Design Department
changes-taking-place1 page
Changes Taking Place
something-new-at-venue1 page
Something New at Venue
news-flash7 pages
News Flash
News Flash - Page 2
News Flash - Page 3
News Flash - Page 4
News Flash - Page 5
News Flash - Page 6
News Flash - Page 7
site-blog1 page
Site Blog
link-your-google-profile1 page
Link Your Google+ Profile
email-marketing-tools-editor-updated1 page
Email Marketing Tools Editor Updated
heat-maps1 page
Email Tracking Heat Map
corporate-greeting-cards1 page
Corporate Greeting Cards
selecting-domain-name1 page
Selecting a Domain Name
flash-to-html5-conversion1 page
Flash to HTML5 Conversion
search-engine-friendly-page-names1 page
Search Engine Friendly Page Names
online-event-listings-editor1 page
Online Event Listings Editor
content-management-solutions1 page
Content Management Solutions
take-control1 page
Take Control
private-calendar-hosting1 page
Private Calendar Hosting
calendar-hosting1 page
Calendar Hosting
live-chat1 page
Live Chat
domain-name-renewal-notice-scam1 page
Domain Name Renewal Notice Scam
private-domain-name-registration1 page
Private Domain Name Registration
drip-marketing-campaigns1 page
Drip Marketing Campaigns
web-site-gift-certificates1 page
Web Site Gift Certificates
venue-merchant-solutions1 page
Venue Merchant Solutions
ecommerce-solutions1 page
E-Commerce Solutions
email-alias1 page
Email Alias
business-greeting-cards1 page
Business Greeting Cards
search-engine-rankings1 page
Search Engine Rankings
rss-feeds-are-hottest-phenomenon1 page
RSS Feeds Are Hottest Phenomenon
if-you-build-it-will-they-come-11 page
If you build it will they come?
dynamic-site-search1 page
Dynamic Site Search
sitemap-builder1 page
Sitemap Builder
add-weather-to-web-site1 page
Add Weather to Web Site
wordpress-in-subdomain-or-directory1 page
WordPress in Sub-Domain or Directory
halloween-special-effects1 page
Halloween Special Effects
send-page-to-friend1 page
Send Page to Friend
web-site-templates1 page
Web Site Templates
let-it-snow1 page
Let it Snow
keyword-suggestion-advice1 page
Keyword Suggestion Advice
seasonal-special-effects1 page
Seasonal Special Effects
web-site-development-resources1 page
Web Site Development Resources
venue-support-professionals1 page
Venue Support Professionals
how-to-design-search-engine-friendly-web-site1 page
How to Design a Search Engine Friendly Web Site
website-design-marketing1 page
Website Design and Marketing
email-newsletter-marketing1 page
Email Newsletter Marketing
need-more-hits1 page
Need More Hits?
if-you-build-it-will-they-come1 page
If You Build It, Will They Come?
email-newsletter-management1 page
Email Newsletter Management
271 page
Blog posts to 'CMS' tag
221 page
Blog posts to 'Calendar' tag
241 page
Blog posts to 'Chat' tag
391 page
Blog posts to 'Database' tag
317 pages
Blog posts to 'Design' tag
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 2
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 3
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 4
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 5
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 6
Blog posts to 'Design' tag - Page 7
291 page
Blog posts to 'Domains' tag
301 page
Blog posts to 'E-Commerce' tag
182 pages
Blog posts to 'Email' tag
Blog posts to 'Email' tag - Page 2
261 page
Blog posts to 'Hosting' tag
281 page
Blog posts to 'Links' tag
195 pages
Blog posts to 'Marketing' tag
Blog posts to 'Marketing' tag - Page 2
Blog posts to 'Marketing' tag - Page 3
Blog posts to 'Marketing' tag - Page 4
Blog posts to 'Marketing' tag - Page 5
202 pages
Blog posts to 'Newsletters' tag
Blog posts to 'Newsletters' tag - Page 2
331 page
Blog posts to 'RSS' tag
253 pages
Blog posts to 'SEO' tag
Blog posts to 'SEO' tag - Page 2
Blog posts to 'SEO' tag - Page 3
341 page
Blog posts to 'Scam' tag
351 page
Blog posts to 'Search' tag
371 page
Blog posts to 'Sitemap' tag
322 pages
Blog posts to 'Support' tag
Blog posts to 'Support' tag - Page 2
381 page
Blog posts to 'Video' tag
361 page
Blog posts to 'Weather' tag
211 page
Blog posts to 'WebDAV' tag
testimonials1 page
Client Testimonials
help1 page
Web Site Help
hosting1 page
Web Site Hosting Help
ip_lookup1 page
IP Address Lookup
stats1 page
Web Site Statistics
caldav1 page
CalDAV Help
WebDAV1 page
WedDAV Hosting Help
Outlook_Publishing1 page
Outlook 2013 Calendar Publishing and Subscribing
iCal_Publishing1 page
iCal WebDAV Calendar Publishing and Subscribing
Sunbird_Publishing1 page
Sunbird WebDAV Calendar Publishing
WebDAV_SSL1 page
SSL WebDAV Calendar Hosting
outlook-2016-publishing1 page
Publishing a WebDAV Calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2016
Outlook_2010_Publishing1 page
Publishing a WebDAV Calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2010
Outlook_2007_Publishing1 page
Publishing a WebDAV Calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2007
iPhone_Add_Subscribed_Calendar1 page
Subscribe to a WebDAV Calendar with iPhone
outlook-calendar-subscription1 page
Subscribe to a WebDAV Calendar with Outlook
mac-calendar-subscription1 page
Subscribe to a WebDAV Calendar on a Mac
google1 page
Subscribe to a WebDAV Calendar with Google Calendar
include-attachments1 page
iCal WebDAV Calendar Include Attachments
email_clients1 page
Configuring Email Clients
illustrated_help1 page
Illustrated Help Configuring Email Client
business-class1 page
Business Class Email Hosting Help
outlook_20001 page
Configure Outlook 2000 Email
outlook_971 page
Configure Outlook 97 or 98 Email
outlook_express1 page
Configure Outlook Express
eudora1 page
Help Configure Eudora Email
netscape1 page
Configure Netscape Email
pegasus1 page
Configure Pegasus Mail
email_errors1 page
Email Server Errors
catch_all1 page
Catch All Email Address
alias1 page
Email Alias
domains1 page
Domain Name Help
edu_domains1 page
.edu Domain Name Registration
tld1 page
Domain Name Guidelines
free_parking1 page
Domain Name Parking
scam1 page
Domain Name Scam
dns1 page
Domain Name Servers (DNS)
transfer1 page
Domain Name Transfers
email_forwarding1 page
Email Forwarding
private1 page
Private Domain Name Registration
redirecting1 page
Redirecting Domain Name
web_design1 page
Web Design Help
clear_cache1 page
Clearing Cache and Upgrading Browser
upgrade-browser1 page
Upgrading Browser
shopping_cart_code1 page
Venue Shopping Cart Form Code
emt_code1 page
Venue EMT Form Subscribe Code
inventory_tracking1 page
Inventory Tracking
marketing1 page
Web Marketing Help
listed1 page
Search Engine Listings
positioning1 page
Search Engine Positioning
keywords1 page
Search Engine Keywords
cloaking1 page
Cloaking URL
competition1 page
Search Engine Competition
site_construction1 page
Search Engine Friendly Web Design
google_ranking1 page
Google Site Ranking
redirect1 page
301 Redirect
email_newsletters1 page
Newsletter Delivery FAQ

Typical Recurring Fees

Service Price
Full Service Hosting $39.95 per month
Site Maintenance 30 minutes free each month
Content Management System - Allows client to modify content of each page. Included
Testing (Demo) Server and Production Server Included
Stat Summary Reports by Email Included
24 Hour Emergency Support Included
Mobile-Friendly Included
Optional Services
Product Database $20 per month
Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout $20 per month
Weather $10 per month
MySQL Database $10 per month
Email Newsletter Management Available
Web Site Marketing Services Available
Live Chat Available

Typical One Time Fees

Service Price
100% Responsive Site Starting at $2500
Graphic Designer $1000
Mobile-Friendly Versions Included
Cross Browser Compatibility Included
Each Page Optimized for Search Engines Included
Slideshow  Included
Forms Included
Scrolling Marquee Included
Social Networking Included
Custom Blog (requires MySQL Database) $500
Photo Gallery $500
Dynamic Site Search Available
E-Commerce Available
Custom Database Development Available


Venue Communications, Inc. consists of a team of specialists, each with unique skills from custom database development to custom web site graphic design.


Venue Communications, Inc. offers state-of-the-art hosting services customized to fit your specific needs. Our server admins maintain our servers for peak efficiency.


Our philosophy is to make your web site easy to manage. Registering a domain name with Venue Communications, Inc. is just as easy. Search for an available name and purchase it.


Venue Communications, Inc. goes beyond basic web design, we can assist your business in developing a winning web marketing strategy.