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Ritual Moon Fire: Belly Dance Art

This Kelly Hawes painting of a beautiful brunette belly dancer invokes a feeling of happy mystery. The dancer wears a costume of red, with orange, purple and gold accents. The inspiration for the imaginative nighttime background is Indian architecture and jungle flora.

The statement "Original Artwork www.kellyhawes.com" is a watermark intended to prevent theft or misuse of this image from the internet. It appears on the internet photo only and will not show on your purchased artwork.

Not only is Kelly Hawes a gifted painter, but she also performs professionally as the Middle Eastern dancer Samra in Wilmington, NC.


Exact-Size Print (11" x 14") on Enhanced Matte Paper - $50.00
Exact-SizeExact-Size Reproduction (11" x 14") on rolled canvas, suitable for framing Print (16" x 20") on Enhanced Matte Paper - $150.00
Exact-SExact-Size Reproduction (11" x 14") on canvas, stretched on thin bars, GALLERY-WRAPPED:ize Print (16" x 20") on Enhanced - $175.00
Exact-Size Print Exact-Size Reproduction (11" x 14") on canvas, stretched on thick bars, GALLERY-WRAPPED(16" x 20") on Enhanced - $200.00


Wilmington, North Carolina

All photos, artwork and site content are copyrighted. No one may alter or use photos, artwork or site content without the permission of the artist, Kelly Hawes. Due to the high number of requests received regarding free usage of her artwork, Kelly Hawes regrets that she is no longer able grant usage of her artwork without some kind of financial compensation or trade of products and services. Unauthorized and/or uncompensated use will be regarded as theft.

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