Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Positioning is the process of boosting and maintaining your website's position in the results that Internet users see when they run queries on different search engines.

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Search Engine Positioning  is the process of boosting and maintaining your website’s position in the results that Internet users see when they run queries on different search engines.

There are two distinct steps Venue Communications, Inc. will need to take in order to maximize the effectiveness of your position in a search engine listing. The first is to make key modifications to your pages in order to gain top positioning within a search engine’s index. The second is something that is commonly ignored. That position needs to be maintained. Too often, webmasters gain a great position on a search engine only to let it slip away, taking business away with it. Don’t make this mistake.

As you probably know by now, merely being listed in a search index is not enough to bring new visitors to your website. Your website must rank at or near the top of the search results in order to collect all the traffic that search engines can produce. The first major step in positioning your site is choosing descriptive and focused meta-keywords. The importance of excellent keywords cannot be emphasized enough--you can read about keywords in the help section.  Once you have a list of candidates for your final meta-keywords, you can use Venue Communications, Inc. Search Engine Submittal Form to provide that list to us.

If you have chosen good keywords then you should have a good position near the top of the listings. Now the trick is to maintain that position. Just because you appear at the top of the search results doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to remain there. New websites appear by the second and search engines regularly change the methods they use to index them. To ensure that you maintain your position, you must first re-submit your site around once a month and check your ranking on each major search engine regularly, preferably once a week. By checking your ranking you can determine what your position is and whether it is trending upward or downward. If you are heading up over time, great, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If your rank is spiraling downwards, or you just can’t seem to push ahead of certain competitors, its time for some more advanced work.

Take a look at the websites that have higher listings than you and note their URL’s. Venue Communications, Inc. will run a comparison analysis on the specific URL that is competing against you. Venue Communications, Inc. will show you both your stats as well as those for your competitor. You can do a side by side comparison and see exactly what your competitor has that you don't have, or what you have that your competitor doesn't. Maybe that extra keyword or those extra hyperlinks are nosing them ahead of you into Position 1.  Once you've got an idea of what you can do to improve your ranking, re-submit the Search Engine Submittal Form to make the necessary changes. Check your rankings again in a week or so and look for any differences. This is a constant process that you must maintain with some vigil. Don’t let your competitors get a leg up on you by ignoring your ranking trends for too long. Maintain your position and you will get a constant, steady reward in the form of new visitors and increased traffic to your site.




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