Free Site Updates

Our Express Hosting includes 30 minutes of free site maintenance each month. Our professionals can complete most updates within 24 business hours.

Official Policy: Free updates apply to all changes, including modifying or creating new graphics. The only exception if logo creation. 30 minutes free updates are usually completed within 24 business hours. Maintenance Plans can be purchased at a discount to add additional time to the free updates.

Free Update Examples:

  1. Send us new text to replace existing text on your site. Here's a very simple method. Open the page you want to edit. Go to the file menu and choose 'Select All', then 'Copy'. Then open an email addressed to us and in the body of the email 'Paste'. If you are given the option, paste plain text. Then edit that text and send us the email. We will do the rest.
  2. We can replace existing photographs on your site at no charge. They need to be stand alone photos (not part of a background for example) and web ready; i.e., sized how you want them to appear on the site, 72 dots per inch resolution, and in a web ready format such as JPEG. Most software that comes with digital cameras include options to make the photos web or email ready. If they can be emailed, they are safe for the web site. Simply email them to us with instructions on which photos to replace.

If you need maintenance to your web site that goes beyond 30 minutes of free updates, we can help. See our page on web site maintenance plans.



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