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The current search engine marketing environment, spurred on by sponsored advertising and pay for inclusion directories, requires that site owners constantly adjust their marketing strategies to remain competitive.

The current web marketing environment, spurred on by sponsored advertising and pay for inclusion directories, requires that site owners constantly adjust their marketing strategies to remain competitive.  Playing the web marketing game can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of competitors, but the payoff can be big if you play the game the right way. We give you the knowledge necessary to play the game smart.

The web marketing game is played on two fronts: Site Optimization and Offsite Optimization.

Site Optimization: Only $35.00 per month!

Site Optimization is important because it helps search engines "find, index, and rank your site", according to Google.  When we build your site we use the proper coding techniques necessary to make your site search engine friendly. The rules constantly change, so even if we built your site, the techniques for optimization change over time, and some periodic re-building may be necessary to keep your site optimized.

Our $35.00 per month SEO services include the following:

Other things you can do to improve site's ranking:

Constantly update your site.  The way to show search engines that the site is not dormant is to continually add content. Articles, news, etc. Minor tweaks will no longer help. Site we build and host include a content management system which makes it easy for you to add content.

HTML cleanup may be necessary to streamline code-bloated pages for search engines. HTML cleanup may include making your site Section 508 Accessible or WAI Accessibility compliant. HTML cleanup is often accomplished at the same time a new design is applied.

We tell you what not to do and why.  For example, do not use text that matches the background color of your page, this practice is often used by amateurs, and is considered to be spamming search engines, which will get your site banned.  Another example, do not start a social networking campaign such as Facebook or Twitter and never or rarely post to it.  It makes your site look out of business.

Offsite Optimization: We will recommend specific specialists if necessary.

Backward linking is important because it is a method search engines use to determine how to rank your site. According to Google's website - "PageRank interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote for Page B by Page A. PageRank then assesses a page's importance by the number of votes it receives."  Doing this the right way is important.  Do not join link exchanges, as this may end up getting you penalized and dropped entirely.  We show you how to build up backward links to your web site. Backward linking services vary by industry and how much competition you have in your industry. This often involves paying for directory listings. This is often an expensive but necessary marketing strategy, especially if your competitors are using these services.  Our stat reports track how much traffic is coming from directories, which is very helpful when deciding if you should renew with paid inclusion directories. This service is included when we are hosting your site.

Social Networking services are extremely important offsite optimization tools.  Used social networks properly is a great way to build brand recognition and reach out to your customers.  We provide these services for a fee negotiated for each client.



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