WebDAV Calendar Hosting

WebDAV calendar hosting allows you to publish calendars so colleagues can subscribe to it. This is perfect for sharing Outlook calendars. Our calendar hosting service can be used for private or public access.

WebDAV Server

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WebDAV Calendar hosting makes it possible to publish an unlimited number of calendars. Only the publisher can edit the calendars. Publish and subscribe using OutlookApple Calendar (including iPad and iPhone), Mozilla and others. Also includes a URL to view the published calendar in any web browser.  Our WebDAV Calendar hosting service can be set up for private or public access, both are included with each account.

Public Calendar (No password required) - Link to public calendars from a web site or subscribe to it with desktop calendar software. See our Demo Public Calendar. With some coding knowledge the public calendar can be embedded into a web site as demonstrated with our Example Public Calendar.

Private Calendar (Password required to view or subscribe) - Create an unlimited number of authorized users. Authorized users are read-only users. They can subscribe to private calendars or view private calendars online. They cannot publish, edit or delete private calendars.


The free test account is identical to the real account.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) WebDAV Calendar hosting is now available for only $36.00 Per Year!  What is SSL WebDAV Calendar Hosting?

WebDAV stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning.  With it multiple users can manage files in a collaborative environment.  Due to the built in file sharing properties WebDAV enabled servers are perfect for sharing iCal and other calendar software utilizing .ics files.

Instructions to Publish to a WebDAV server including illustrated Help:

Instructions to Subscribe to a WebDAV Calendar

We use PHP iCalendar to render calendar files in web browsers.  PHP iCalendar does not create or edit calendars (or events). Instead it provides a way to view calendars from applications that generate valid IETF 2445 files (.ics). Some of the supported applications include: