Custom Parking Page

A one page web site may be all you need to for your domain name. As part of our free domain name parking service, we now offer a 1 page custom designed web site. No hosting charges.


We now offer a custom domain parking page. We have always been able park your domain name at no cost at any address you provide, but what is new is we will now offer a custom designed parking page with no hosting charges.

The one time fee for building the page is $99.00. It's limited to one page and we will construct it for you. You can have 1 photograph or logo and whatever contact information you would like to have. It will remain online as long as you keep your domain name renewed with us. We will keep the contact information updated at no charge if it changes.

Venue Communications, Inc. consists of a team of specialists, each with unique skills from custom database development through search engine optimization. We handle the entire web development process from initial construction to web marketing. We are able to deliver personalized service to each client.