Custom CRM Development

A custom-built CRM gives you precisely what you need to manage client sales. Pages load fast. Add new features as required, such as drip campaigns, billing systems, ticketing systems, to-dos, live chat, performance reports, reminders, calendar syncing, and anything you can dream of!

We build customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Custom CRMs can be integrated into the website for new client leads, and you can import existing clients. It can be used for many purposes, such as lead follow-up, drip campaigns, PPC ad performance, etc.

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We started by building our internal ticketing system for managing clients in 2007 and have continued to develop it into a CRM over the years. We tried other platforms such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, etc., and got frustrated because none of them have the exact combination of the features we needed. Yet, they have a lot of features we don't need. Most run slow, forcing us to spend time waiting on pages to load. Therefore we set out to build a custom CRM with the following goals:

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Professional Web Developers

Have you outgrown WordPress, Joomla, and other do-it-yourself web site builder tools? Are you tired of being hacked? Are you done with hearing there's not a plugin for that? These are signs you are ready to go custom. If you can't afford your own IT department, but still want a custom-built website, you have come to the right place. We can be your IT department and create a professionally designed and coded, one-of-a-kind, fast-loading, custom website.

What Makes Us Different

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design adapts to the viewing environment by using a fluid design. A 100% responsive design offers the best user experience of your website from desktop computers to mobile devices.

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Processing your web site store sales is easy with Venue Merchant Services. We provide all the tools necessary to accept online payments and manage your products.

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Content Management System

Our Content Management System or CMS, included with full-service hosting, provides a very simple method for clients to edit a demo version of the site which they can proof before publishing to the production site.

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Our Web Design Process


Our graphic designers will speak directly with you, look at your competitors, show you their mock-ups and ask for your feedback. Once you approve the design we move to the next step.


Our coders convert the mockup into a fully functioning website, import content from your old site and/or enter new content. Each page is optimized with specific Titles, Headings, Keywords, and Description to help search engines index your site.

Go Live

Once the demo site is production-ready and we have your approval we publish it live. Then you can use the content management system to edit the demo site and publish changes live, or continue to use our professional coders for all maintenance.

Take Control of your Web Site!

It’s never easy when you’ve got to get 1000's of new products online in the months before holiday sales … when you’re under time and budget pressure to convert your site to be mobile-friendly … or when your web site needs a blog, but your marketing budget is already spent. But it has to get done! Your site must be responsive, more user-friendly, and up to date with your vision. Since 1999 Venue Communications, Inc. has provided full-service website management services. Let us manage your site so you can manage your business.

Secure Your Venue

Domain Name Security - Our philosophy is to make your web site easy to manage and keep your domain safe. We’ll keep your identity safe, reduce spam and protect against identity theft and telemarketers.

Secure Hosting - Secure web site hosting for WordPress and custom-built sites.

PCI Compliance - With PCI Compliance of our servers you can reassure your customers that your organization has taken all the required steps to protect their data.

Firewalls - Threats are eliminated before they reach you. Our adaptive network security provides signature-based intrusion prevention that automatically blocks intruders.

SSL Certificates - We offer SSL Certificates from Comodo, or we can install SSL Certificates you purchase from 3rd parties. SSL Certificates keep your site safe and secure with strong encryption.

Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) certificates, the highest standard in security, are also available.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Search Engine Marketing

The current web marketing environment, spurred on by sponsored advertising and pay for inclusion directories, requires that site owners constantly adjust their marketing strategies to remain competitive. We give you the knowledge necessary to play the game smart.

Email Marketing Tools

We can automatically capture web site traffic to a database and help you to reach them. Not just with email newsletters, but drip campaigns, birthday clubs, client anniversary clubs. We can scrub your client database for any criteria.

Human Intelligence

We have been learning from the best SEO gurus for years. Talk to us so we can pass on that knowledge to you. We are experts in web marketing. Ask us, and we'll help you to realize your dreams and overcome your regrets.

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for working with me all these years. I do not think you realize how helpful you were with some of my major projects such as the CARES Act and website redesign. You were consistently knowledgeable, helpful, and professional."
- Gwendolyn Middleton

"Thanks so much, Scott - you rock!"
- Becca Conary

"Scott has handled our website for 20 years, he does excellent work, he is extremely professional and easy to work with. The first time we spoke with him it felt like we had known him all our lives. We highly recommend him!"
- Cathy Ballard

"Perfect! Thank you. You guys are the best."
Toni Barton
CB Mechanical, LLC

"I've said it before but thanks so much. I'm so proud of this website!"
- Michael Osborne Jr, Osborne Insurance Services, Inc.

"This little message form France … just to thank you very much for your great idea: WebDav Calendar Hosting! Finally a solution (in https) that works."
Lapin Buggs

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication in creating and developing our new website. It looks great."
- Ricky Bryant, New Tyler Barber College

"I want to thank you for all your assistance in helping us get this NEW website up and functioning properly. I hit the jackpot when I found you and Zach. You guys are consummate professionals."
- Calvin Mims Sr, PopToss Batting Tees

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Venue Communications, Inc. consists of a team of specialists, each with unique skills from custom database development to custom web site graphic design.


Venue Communications, Inc. offers state-of-the-art hosting services customized to fit your specific needs. Our server admins maintain our servers for peak efficiency.


Our philosophy is to make your web site easy to manage. Registering a domain name with Venue Communications, Inc. is just as easy. Search for an available name and purchase it.


Venue Communications, Inc. goes beyond basic web design, we can assist your business in developing a winning web marketing strategy.