Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing works, there's no denying it. Its key advantage over other Internet marketing solutions is that it enables you to contact the customer instead of waiting for the customer to contact you.

Don't let another year day go by without Email Marketing Tools.

Email Marketing Tools

Email Newsletters:

Think about how you read your own email. You may not open it, but I bet you will at minimum read the subject and from line; otherwise, how would you make your decision on if to open it. Email newsletters put your company's name and current news in front of your customers, reminding them that you are still active and eager to do business with them again.

You Receive Important Notifications

Detailed View and Click Stats

Unlimited Email Templates

Newsletter Distribution Pricing

Complete Web Site Integration

Complete Customization such as:

See Opt-In Mailing Lists for tips on how to build up a list of email addresses for an email marketing campaign.

Additional Email Marketing Tools

Virtual Post Cards:

Venue Communications, Inc. can install the Virtual Post Card software on your site as well as create custom images and text to promote your product or service. The cost is $99.00 to install the software. You can create your own ads or we can custom design them for you. Contact us for additional information.

Request a Link:

An important aspect of increasing traffic to your web site involves emailing sites that have a strong affinity with your own and requesting that they link to your site.

Here is an example Link Request.

This email may not necessarily lead to a link for your site, but if these messages are sent regularly, you will be exposing your web site to a lot of webmasters on the Web. This message would be even more effective if you offer a link to the them in exchange for the one requested.

Note: Another benefit of regularly perusing and contacting other sites is that you can see what steps they have taken to get Web exposure.



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