Mobile-Friendly Web Design

If you depend at all on mobile search then we recommend building a mobile-friendly version of your web site. We have developed a strategy which uses the existing content of your site to build a responsive mobile-friendly design. When the desktop site is updated, the mobile version is updated at the same time.

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The illustrations on this page show our web site as seen on a mobile phone in portrait and landscape view. Text is larger, images are smaller, and a mobile navigation menu replaces the standard desktop navigation menu. Some elements, such as the sidebar, are shown in landscape view and hidden in portrait view. Tables are converted to lists in portrait view, then back to tables in landscape view.

Select from 2 pricing plans, one time payment or recurring fees.

1) Recurring Fees: If we are already hosting your site, then add $20 per month to the current price you are paying. If we are not hosting your site, contact us for a quote. The benefit of using the recurring fees model is as new mobile devices come on the market we will automatically add mobile-friendly versions.

2) One Time Payment: One time costs vary depending on the size and complexity of your site. Prices can range from $250 to $500 or more. Contact us for a quote on your specific site.

Our web site as seen on an iPhone
Landscape View
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