Corporate Greeting Cards

Virtual Corporate Greeting Card - We can custom build email greeting cards for your business to send to clients and prospects. Keep in touch with your clients with Birthday emails or Anniversary emails.

Email Birthday CardsWe custom build email greeting cards and distribute them to your contacts. Each recipient will receive an email with a personal greeting. You can provide us your artwork, such as the example illustrated on this page, or we can custom build any greeting card to fit your needs.

Designing the e-card is just the beginning. Our services includes delivering the emails automatically.

Automatic Delivery

Our Email Marketing Tools (EMT) system will manage a database of your contacts and keep track of anniversaries or birthdays. EMT will send them out for you automatically at a designated date and time, such as on the day of their birthday or anniversary or any number of days before or after their birthday or anniversary. EMT also keeps track of unsubscribes and bouncing emails.

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