Live Credit Card Processing

Our custom E-Commerce solution offers Live Credit Card Processing to our clients.

Merchant Account

If you do not already have a merchant account for accepting credit cards, you will need to establish one.

Venue Communications, Inc. could choose any number of Merchant Account solution providers to recommend to you. We chose to put our reputation on the line with Merchant Focus. We do not receive any referral fees, we simply recommend them based on our own experience and our clients experience with many merchant account providers.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is required if you intend to automate the processing of credit cards. Our shopping cart can work in either manual or automated mode. We recommend based on our experience with many of the payment gateways available. Clients that use will not have any additional fees for activating automated processing.

Manual transactions simply store the client's credit card information securely. Once an order is placed you decrypt the card information and run it as you would any telephone or in person transaction.

Automated transactions require that you use a payment gateway to connect the web site to the merchant account. The gateway authorizes the transaction and the money is seamlessly moved to your account.