Private Domain Name Registration

Venue Communications, Inc.'s private domain name registration protects you from unwanted junk mail and telemarketing calls.

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Search For NameWhen you register a domain name with Venue Communications, Inc. your e-mail and phone number are automatically hidden from the public.  The privacy protection is available at no additional charge to anybody who purchases a new domain name (or transfers an existing domain name) with Venue Communications, Inc.  Your address can also be private if you request it by checking the 'Keep my Address Private' box.

When you purchase a domain name from most registrars, your address, e-mail and phone number are published in the public WHOIS database. ICANN requires this personal information to be available for anybody to view on the web.

The public WHOIS listing for your domain name registration will contain our contact information which includes the following:

• E-mail Address - E-mail received at our address will be filtered for spam and forwarded to your designated e-mail account.
• Postal Address - If you request it by checking the 'Keep my Address Private' box, the postal address displayed in your WHOIS listing will be a PO Box address in care of Venue Communications, Inc. to stop junk mail and unwanted persons from finding your home.  Mail received via Certified Mail® or Express Mail™ will be forwarded to you.
• Phone Number - Your phone number listing displayed in WHOIS will be answered by our support department which takes a message and forwards it to your personal email address.



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