Setting up clients for CalDAV Calendar Hosting

General instructions for setting up clients for CalDAV Calendar Clients. CalDAV Calendar can be used with more and more calendar clients to share calendars. These are generic instructions for setting up clients.

Setting Up Other CalDAV Clients

Clients typically need three pieces of information to set up CalDAV Accounts:

  1. Server/Location
  2. Username
  3. Password

The Server/Location address depends on the client. A typical URL example:


Apple iOS, Apple macOS only require a username and password. Some applications, such as Thunderbird (with Lightning) require the full calendar URL.

CalDAV works on Android phones using DAVdroid, Etar, and Calendar Color.

CalDAV works on Samsung Android tablets using the built-in calendar. Go to Settings, Cloud, and Accounts, and add a new account. Select CalDAV and enter the information requested. Use SSL should be checked. Enter the username and password provided in our setup email.

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