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The entire issue of search engine submission is surrounded by controversy.

On one side are the search engines, who on one hand want to have as many listings as possible because having more listings allows them to advertise themselves as the 'bigger engine', and attract more visitors.... thereby creating more traffic on their site, and ultimately more advertising revenue, which is, in most cases their ultimate goal. However, simply having more listings isn't the whole picture. They need to have more quality listings so that the people that come to their engine feel that, when they do a keyword search, they get good results. If the users get good results, they will be more inclined to use that engine more often, thereby creating more traffic and more advertising revenue. So one can easily see that the engines don't want to index 'junk pages' full of misleading content.

Another issue the engines want to control is that of resources. Every time you submit to an engine, some of their resources are being used. For those that are automated with spiders that look at your site, you are adding overhead to their spider. Sure, your single submission is no problem, but imagine millions of submissions per day, many of which are completely redundant. For those that add manually, your submission will take up actual human resources. Again, imagine the millions. So one can easily see that the engines don't want you to submit your site unnecessarily.

To add one more iron to the fire, many of the search engines automatically surf the web looking for sites to index without ever having been submitted. Naturally, they can't get them all, which is why the whole process of search engine submission exists.

On the other side of the controversy are the webmasters who want to be number one in whatever search applies to them. Naturally they want to do whatever it takes to get a good position in a keyword search that is relative to what they have to offer. After all, so many people use search engines to find content, that getting a high ranking position on a keyword search that one might use when looking for your product is excellent free advertising. So much so, that many webmasters will go to great lengths to get that coveted spot on the first results page of a search. This often makes the webmaster ripe for a scam. They get letters in their e-mail promising that for only $???.?? they will be number one, two or three. They read that the company that is ready to take their money knows the 'secrets of the search engines' as though they belonged to some elite club. Then the webmaster sees a service that promises to 'get you listed on thousands of sites', or software that promises the same.

Wait a second! That is Venue Communications, Inc., isn't it? A company that promises to get you listed on thousands of sites? A company that will make you number one?

No, it isn't. Venue Communications, Inc. cannot promise to get you listed on thousands of sites. No software or service can do that. Only the search engines and link directories can list you. Nor can Venue Communications, Inc. make you number one. Again, that is up to the content of your site and the search engine's criteria for indexing. Beware of anyone that promises otherwise. Venue Communications, Inc. can submit your request to thousands of sites. Venue Communications, Inc. can even help you put Meta tags (text that some search engines look for) and other helpful data in your pages that will help you get a better position in searches.

So why is Venue Communications, Inc. telling you this? For several reasons, actually. First of all, we are concerned with credibility. Search engines look at submission software as a spamming tool in many cases, and we don't want that image. Other software and services that perform similar functionality are designed to try to trick the search engines, and to spam them. We are here for the long run, and our goal is that Venue Communications, Inc. is separated from the pack and search engines welcome us. There is another reason for telling you this, however. While others may promise you the sun, delivery is an entirely different issue. When someone writes a program that can trick the search engines, their measures are often countered before the program gets anywhere. The people working on the search engine spiders are quite intelligent, and as soon as they see that they are being taken advantage of, they will likely move quickly to remedy the situation. In fact, in many cases, the tricks back fire. We have seen many, many websites get completely banned from a search engine for spamming them. Then there is nothing you can do. Your domain is black listed! So we are telling you this because we know you are after indexing in the engines, and you don't want your website to be banned. Venue Communications, Inc. will help you design pages that fit the criteria for each of the major engines and/or a page that looks good all around.



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