Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking allows our clients to manage inventory of their online store. When products are purchased, on hand inventory is automatically updated.

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If you using Venue Merchant Solutions, the following instructions detail inventory tracking.

Please note: The inventory tracking feature must be activated by management.

On the Edit Product page, you will see a field named 'Inventory Tracking (On Hand)' above retail price. To edit inventory change that number and click 'Save Changes' or 'Save and Exit'. If there are Product Options AND any of those options have an inventory amount, then 'Inventory Tracking (On Hand)' will be a read only field (cannot be edited) and a note will inform you to '(Manage Inventory in Product Options)'.

To manage inventory under Product Options, enter a number in any Option Set 'Inventory' field. If the option set is for a product add-on not needing inventory tracking, such as gift wrapping, then leave the 'Inventory' field blank (Do not enter 0).

On the page listing all products a column named 'Inventory' will indicate the number of products in inventory. If a product has Product Options AND any of those options have an inventory amount, then 'Inventory' will be a read only field (cannot be edited). Otherwise the field may be edited and all product inventories will be updated by clicking the 'Update Inventory' button.

When customers place orders online, the appropriate Product Option and Product Inventory amounts will decrement by the number of products purchased.



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