Email Tracking Heat Map

Heat maps convert email view tracking to a map view to quickly provide a view of which countries had the most views and which U.S. states had the most views from an email marketing campaign.

Posted February 24, 2014 to News Flash.

Tags: Marketing, Email, Newsletters

A client recently asked for a list of countries that viewed an email newsletter. We already had the country list available but then we took that idea to the next level by creating heat maps.  View tracking is very accurate because we capture the IP address of each person that views the email.  We can then take the IP addresses and build heat maps showing which geographical areas had the most views.  As of now, when our clients view the details of a sent mailing they will see a heat map for the World and a heat map for the U.S.  The World view will quickly show which countries had the most views, and the U.S. view which states had the most views.  They can zoom in on a specific state and see where in the state each view came from.  Clients can also see the exact number of views from each country and each state.  To learn more about this new feature and see example heat maps visit our Email Tracking Heat Map page.